Sofia Sergeeva
Partner, Attorney at Law
the Head of Section Bankruptcy

Legal Practice Areas

Legal disputes, Bankruptcy, Challenging of the transaction, Subsidiary liability of controller de jure, Recovery of civil damages, Rescheduling of loans, Criminal Law protection of business


The Faculty of Law at Saint-Petersburg State University

Professional Merits

  • The specialist has been repeatedly recommended by the BestLawyers rating in the following categories: «Arbitration and Mediation»

  • The specialist is recommended by Kommersant individual rating (Rising stars) in the category of «Bankruptcy» (2023)

  • The specialist is recommended by RG.RU individual rating in the category of «Bankruptcy» (2023)

  • The specialist is recommended by PRAVO-300 individual rating in the category of «Bankruptcy» (2023)

  • Successful managing of the section « Bankruptcy» gave the Bureau an opportunity to be ranked one of the best at the regional ranking PRAVO-300 in the category of «Bankruptcy» (2022, 2023), at the Kommersant in the category of «Bankruptcy of legal entities» (2023), at the Forbes Legal Ranking in the category of «Crisis management - preventing subsidiary liability» (2022), at the RAA Legal Guide in the category of «Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Insolvency» (2022/2023)

Core Strengths

  • More than 10 years of practice of representing the interests of principals in arbitration courts of various levels in resolving complex disputes from contractual obligations, on recovery for losses, recovery of unjust enrichment, recognition of transactions invalidity, rights to property and securities, etc.

  • Significant experience in conducting bankruptcy cases, including disputes on the invalidation of the debtor's transactions, bringing controller de jure to subsidiary liability; support of the activities of arbitration managers, evaluation and sale of property in bankruptcy proceedings

  • Advising principles on the acquisition and protection of assets in bankruptcy proceedings, debt restructuring

Relevant Projects

  • Protection against contestation by the bankruptcy trustee of the debtor's transactions for a total amount of more than 598 million rubles in the bankruptcy case of a construction company

  • Representation of the interests of property builders when including in the register of claims of creditors of the general contractor debt on the return of an undisbursed advance in the total amount of more than 697 million rubles

  • Protection of principals from being brought to subsidiary liability in a bankruptcy case of a large distribution company

  • Representation the interests of a large electric grid company in a case of challenging a transaction for the transfer of promissory notes, as a result of which the recovery of a debt in the amount of more than 806 million rubles from the principal was prevented

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