Pavel Semin

Legal Practice Areas

Antitrust regulation, Property Law and Construction Law, Intellectual property and means of individualizing


International Law Institute Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

Relevant Projects

Legal support of cases on the protection of exclusive rights to the results of intellectual property and means of individualization:

  • The fact of illegal use of the trademark was judicially established when goods belonging to other classes of the Nice Classification were introduced into circulation (the trademark was indicated in the list of components of the goods)

  • The dispute on the illegal use of the invention was resolved in favor of the customer. There was a legal enquiry conclusion confirming it

Formation of a legal precedent for registration of the rights to use land plots without concluding a lease agreement and establishing an easement under already erected communication facilities

Judicially challenging the results of procurement of certain types of legal entities (223-Federal Act) in the antimonopoly authority, contesting contracts concluded as a result of procurement:

  • successful challenging of customer decisions to reject applications for participation in the procurement and invalidate the results of procurement of certain types of legal entities (223-Federal Act), the total initial minimum price of which is more than 4.5 billion rubles

  • recognition of judicially invalid contracts concluded as a result of the procurement of certain types of legal entities (223-Federal Act), due to violation of the procedure for evaluating the applications of procurement participants. The total cost of work under contracts declared invalid is more than 2.8 billion rubles

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