Anatoly Kornilov
Partner, Attorney at Law
the Head of Section Tax Law

Legal Practice Areas

Tax disputes, Legal support of tax audit, Tax Due Diligence and compliance; Legal disputes in construction contracting; Disputes in contractual relations; Bankruptcy


  • Bachelor of Laws, the Faculty of Law at Saint Petersburg State University

  • Master of Laws, the Faculty of Law at Saint Petersburg State University, field of Master`s studies: Tax Law, diploma with distinction

Professional Merits

  • Under Anatoly`s supervision, the Bureau`s branch «Tax Law» was rated among one of the best in the regional rating PRAVO-300 in the category of «Tax Law and Tax Disputes» (2018, 2020)

  • The specialist is recommended by the BestLawyers of 2021 rating in the categories of «Litigation» and «Tax Law»

  • In 2024 the «Bankruptcy» practice took first place in the LegalTop Team Ranking of Business Petersburg. The Team Ranking was awarded to Anatoly

Relevant Projects

  • Successful legal support of the interests of large organizations in St. Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia and the Murmansk region was performed by the specialist, which made it possible to achieve a significant reduction in tax claims based on the results of on-site and desk audits

  • Successful legal support of the interests of an individual in a practice-forming litigation on the additional charge of personal income tax on expenses exceeding the declared income was performed, which made it possible to challenge the illegal property claims of the Federal Tax Service in the amount of more than 30 million rubles

  • Legal support of the interests in litigation on the recovery from individuals of the organization's losses incurred as a result of the presentation of claims by the Federal Tax Service. As a result of resolving litigation, the recovery of more than 50 million rubles from principals was prevented

  • Successful legal support of the interests of principals in complex litigation related to the construction and reconstruction of significant industrial, social and infrastructure facilities, including: the Gazprom Arena, the St. Petersburg flood protection complex, the Multifunctional Museum Facility in the Gatchinsky Rayon of the Leningrad Oblast and etc. was performed

  • Based on the results of the successful legal support of the rights of the Principal, the court confirmed the right of a long-term lease of a land plot in the center of St. Petersburg in favor of the Principal

  • Legal support of the interests of principals in bankruptcy cases of large construction organizations in St. Petersburg, in particular, in the bankruptcy case of JSC Metrostroy for St. Petersburg Metro construction

  • The total amount of claims for major litigation and tax disputes completed in favor of the principals involving Anatoly is more than 3 billion rubles

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