Denis V. Antonov
Partner, Attorney at Law,
the Head of Section Legal Disputes and Bankruptcy


Litigation, appellate and cassation practice, contractual disputes, energy and natural resources, shareholder reinstatement

Notable Projects

  • Specialist is recommended by Pravo-300 lawyers' individual rating in the category of Arbitration Proceedings (High market),
  • Specialist is recommended by BestLawyers of 2020 and 2021 rating in the category of Litigation and Appellate Practice,
  • Specialist is recommended by Kommersant Publishing House individual rating in the category of Commercial Dispute Resolution и Corporate Dispute Resolution,
  • Laureate of the Saint Petersburg Chamber of Lawyers Prize in the category of Lawyer`s Achievements in Administration of Arbitration Cases (2018);
  • Successful managing of the section Legal Disputes and Bankruptcy gave the Bureau an opportunity to be ranked one of the best at the regional ranking “Pravo-300 - 2020” in the category of Arbitration Proceedings, Pravo-300 - 2021 in the category of Arbitration Proceedings (High Market).

Relevant Projects

  • Successful resolution of many complex contract disputes concerning construction and reconstruction of significant historical, cultural, industrial, social and infrastructure facilities of regional and federal significance, including: the Senate Buildings Complex, the Laval House in St. Petersburg, the Marine Transshipment Terminal for Light Oil Products in the Commercial Sea Port of Primorsk, a complex of flood protective structures in St. Petersburg (the Dam), the Buff Theater, the Cultural Centre of the Vyborgsky District of St. Petersburg, Sector 2 of the Sheremetyevo International Airport; Gas pipeline - branch and gas distribution station Wrangel of the Primorsky Krai, Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill, complexes of the apartment buildings in St. Petersburg and etc. The total amount of claims for large contract disputes completed in favor of the principals involving this lawyer is more than 5 billion rubles;
  • The corporate Principle control was judicially regained over one of the largest manufacturing Russian corporations
  • As a result of resolving a number of litigations, the recovery of unjust enrichment in the amount of more than 1.4 billion rubles from the Principle was prevented.
  • Judicially the easement was established in favour of the Principle in the historical part of Saint-Petersburg
  • Successful defense of the interests of the principals in court, which resulted in the rejection of claims against them for a reduction in the purchase price of the shares of the largest private power grid company in the amount of more than 3 billion rubles

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